Final Four, KTC Elite finishes out March in winning fashion

On March 20th, Shawn Lake finally achieved victory in the Frozen Foot series after finishing both 3rd and 2nd in earlier series races. Shawn took another 30 seconds off his previous time, winning the 5K in 15:02.1. Michael Spooner finished 3rd in the race with a solid effort at 15:30.8. Closing out the male finishers for KTC Elite was Ben Kier with a 20 second improvement from the last Frozen Foot race, finishing 5th in 16:03. A solid day for the gentlemen, going 1,3,5!

Emily Giannotti continued her reign in the Frozen Foot series with a 9 second improvement over last month. Giannotti blew away the rest of the female field in 16:50.9, finishing 7th overall among males and females.

A similar contingent of our runners took to the road the following weekend at Sauder's Eggs 5 Miler. With Tommy Pearson taking the place of Ben Kier, the men turned in solid results. Shawn Lake continued to assert dominance on the local running seen, running 25:49 and distancing himself from teammate Mike Spooner. Spooner, who laid down another solid effort for early spring racing, finished 2nd in 26:16. Tommy Pearson continued to show that he is getting himself into some solid racing shape with a 27:49 effort, good for 7th.

Emily Giannotti was the lone female to compete for KTC Elite at Sauder's Eggs 5 miler, and it was just the same old story...a dominant win in 29:31.  Emily did have an unidentified male competitor in this race that ran side by side with her the entire time and managed to beat her at the finish. Looked like the start of a historic rivalry.   

Look out for April results coming soon! Will KTC Elite continue their recent success here in Central PA? COULD THEY BE THE GREATEST PUMA DISTANCE CLUB EVER AMASSED? Doubtful, but who knows? Tune in next time here at