In the spirit of Boston, here are 26.2 miles worth of results

Before starting this laundry list of results from the past few weeks, KTC Elite needs to mention the addition of some new members that have new biographies up on the roster page. We welcome Heidi Schelander, Katie Kravitz, and Matthew Guiod (we are working on Matt's bio!). KTC Elite may soon be known as the PSAC Alumni Team as each of these three come from a school within the Pennsylvania state school conference. Kravitz and Guiod join KTC Elite as the fourth and fifth members to hail from Lock Haven University. Schelander joins the club as our second graduate from Shippensburg University.

So to start off the results, Heidi Schelander is taking us global out in the Middle East. Here is Heidi's description of what sounds like an epic race...

" I ran a 151 mile relay race on (March) 10th/11th in the Middle East. Our team place in the top ten, 9th overall and 6th in our category, out of 40 teams. Our total time was 15 hours 52 minutes. We started at 4pm on the 10th and finished at 7:52am on the 11th. Each team consisted of ten runners. My husband ran the first 2k, and I ran the second 2k. Then, for the rest of the race, 5 people rotated, sprinting for one minute for a 10k, then the next 5 would do the same. We activated fast twitch muscles just a little, haha... And as a result, we added some swag to our walk the next day! (Major soreness...)"

Talk about crazy, not sure what we will put that as in our club records...

Coming back over to the U.S. and back to surely not as epic, but just as exciting traditional racing, we had some results from the weekend of April 9th. As we hit high 70s this past weekend, let's remember back to last weekend, and what is hopefully the last snow of this year...typical PA weather. Through the snow/sleet Marina Orrson and Josey Rupert took 1st and 3rd female in the Yuengling Lite Lager Jogger 5k in Pottsville. Both runners put up very respectable times considering the weather and a hilly course. Marina clocked a time 18:14, and Josey 20:43. Jeff Skwierz decided to wait for the snow to pass that weekend and take on the Scranton Half Marathon on Sunday. Jeff continued to show off his great fitness finishing 7th with a time of 1:11:25.

Our most recent weekend brought us a batch of results from the Bison Outdoor Classic at Bucknell, one road 5k, and a sole survivor in the 2016 Boston Marathon! Let's start with the Jeff Skwierz nothcing another victory at a local road 5k, besting the field at the Max Fine 5k in 15:25. Jeff led the race wire to wire on tired legs after last week's half marathon. Onto Bucknell, starting with the shorter distances. Cynthia Adams once again showed off her speed with a personal best effort in the 400m. Adams finished with a time of 57.06, good for 2nd in her heat and 8th overall. The rest of the results from Bucknell come from the 5k. Two men and one woman took on the 12.5 lap race and came away with some solid results. In the men's field it was all Lock Haven grads for KTC Elite as Shawn Lake and Matt Guiod competed in the fastest of the unseeded sections at the meet. Lake easily got under the 15 minute barrier with a time of 14:47.11, and Guiod had quite a debut at the 5000m distance with a time of 15:04.29. Finally, Emily Gianotti to the track for the 5k and laid down another sub 17 performance (16:57.93) in the invite (fastest) section of the meet to grab 13th place overall. See all the Bison Outdoor Classic results here. AND LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, Marina Orrson took the Boston streets Monday to finish the 120th Boston Marathon in 3:10:28. Marina got off to an awesome start, hitting the halfway mark at 1:28:26, right on pace for that sub 3 marathon, but unfortunately the bear got her between 25k and 30k. Marina was able to muscle her way through the last quarter of the race, carrying the bear and all, to cross the line for her first Boston finish.

Marina's finisher medal, pretty sweet!

Marina's finisher medal, pretty sweet!