May so far...

Haven't had an update in a bit so let's get right to it.

Our highlight race from the first half of May has to be the Broad Street 10 miler in Philadelphia. We had two of our Elite there to represent KTC. The big story of the day was Emily Giannotti's race. She was able to blaze her way south on Route 611 in 57:53  to finish 2nd overall among women. She was 46 seconds behind winner Crystal Burnick. Tommy Pearson represented the KTC Elite men covering the course in 54:58, averaging just under 5:30/mile for the 10 miles. Another solid race for Tommy, finishing 10th in his age group and 49th overall.

Also that weekend... Ben Kier took on the 3500 person field at the Race Against Racism 5k and finished 4th in 16:59. Jeffery Skwierz got another win in the Wilkes Barre area at the Cherry Blossom 5 Miler. Skwierz covered the course in 26:05. Photographers flashed their cameras hoping to get a good shot of the northeastern Pennsylvania native as he grinded his way to another win, and one succeeded...

Skwierz, model citizen and runner, turned raging wizard on his way to the win

Skwierz, model citizen and runner, turned raging wizard on his way to the win

A few weeks out from her Boston debut, Marina Orson took back to the course on May 7th at the River Towns Half in Danville, PA. Marina picked up right where she left off before the marathon, running 1:23:41 for the win among women and 2nd overall (she was only 10 seconds behind the winning male!). The next day Marina's partner in crime, Josey Rupert, took on the Delaware Half Marathon and came away with a great result. Josey covered the hilly 13.1 miles in 1:26:10, good for 6th among the women in the race.

Finally, yesterday Chris Wadas won the Feet on Fire 5k in Plymouth, PA. The course was a tad long and Chris breezed to a 16:01 official time. Surely a sub-16 effort right there! 

That's all for the first half of May folks, check back soon for more late spring/early summer results!